It all started on Halloween 1997. Oak Hills starting growing and trick or treaters were starting to mass. This was the time to embark on our annual haunt. Our first haunted house arose from the Kid’s Playhouse; with a bucket of dry ice, some spider webs, a black light, and some eerie music.

Our second year expanded with some help from my brothers to scare our guests. Some additions were added to the playhouse to increase the size.

In our third and fourth year, we moved to the yard making it larger. We added hydraulic props, more actors, a maze and lots of special effects.

The fifth year became our last year in the yard. The quality of costumes and special effects were improved. As our haunt grew so big, it was becoming cumbersome to setup and take down. A new location was needed. The decision was made to build a permanent location for the years to come.

Our sixth year combined the original playhouse with an additional 576 square feet. This was enlarged by another 108 square feet the following year, with the grave yard we now come to just over 800 square feet.

Halloween 2005, we took a break and took the kids trick or treating. Many of our friends and neighbors expressed their disappointment, so the planning started for 2006.

The Tevis Family was pleased to announce for 2006 Halloween; two years in the making, with new rooms and new themes, the biggest and greatest scare yet.

2007 was a great success. We had new rooms with more actors and a record amount of guests. We also had lots of fun in costume the day before giving out flyers at the school bus stop.

2008 We opened for two days. This was a test, as many have asked for additional days. It worked out pretty well except for the rain. More volunteers than ever participated.

2009 Lots of changes and improvement came this year, including a new roof to make it rain proof. (well sort of) Two days were planned again. A full moon was a high, many creatures were awry? And again, a new record of guests. Thanks to our donators, we actually almost broke even this year! ;) Thank you everyone

2010 Two days were planned with record amount of visitors and actors. New custumes were added from real movie sets.

2011 Our Biggest year so far. We did two days and one special night for Extreme Fright Night. Extreme Fright Night had all new music and all the lights turned off. Each group of three was given one small flashlight to guide themselves through the new and totally random scares.


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